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Helpfull Hints :

Wrapping A Traditional Sarie :

Step One :

Make sure blouse and sarie petticoat are on and secured tightly as you will be tucking the sari into this.

Step Two :

Tuck the upper edge of the sarie into your waistband a bit to the right of your belly button. The bottom should be right at the floor, and if your sarie has one decorated side and one plain side, make sure the decorated side is by your feet. Wrap the sarie once around yourself, bringing it up and around on your right side.

Step Three :

Now begin making five to seven pleats of about four or five inches, starting at the tucked side. The first pleat should fall down the center of your body. Line each pleat up in front of one another, making sure they are all even, and adjust it with the bottom edge of your first wrap. Tuck the pleats securely into your waistband, and you can use a safety pin if necessary to keep them in place.

Step Four :

Bring the rest of the fabric around yourself again, bringing it up under your right armpit and over your left shoulder. You can pleat it a few times, leaving some fabric to hang a bit over your arm and pinning the pleats in place.